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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> now abc 2 news at 11:00.
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temperatures have cooled down, but the clouds holding tough and the most power radar tracking when we could see a few thunderstorms. tonight fire companies is no longer just talking it is a reality. the reaction from east baltimore. i see about $95,000. >> we typically come to some costs but a bridal boutique promises free gowns for militaryfamilies. is facebook more of a fake book. why many people are giving up on social media. could it be the right decision for you. we will show you pictures some folks enjoying a nice leisurely stroll. it is clear. the heat is no longer a problem. it will be beyond the 80s today but could it bring us stormy weather, hopefully not a repeat of last year. we will check in were for a -- >> there will be a few storms.
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most of it is south of us. that's where the big heat remains. you can see highs in the 90s south of us. we were in the 80s at bwi. 70s in western maryland including western pennsylvania so a big shift in temperatures today. the heatway officially broken today. clouds rolling in tonight but very limited activity on the radar. it is all toward virginia beach, maybe the lower eastern shore. 86 possibility of an isolated storm. we will talk about how things trend coming up. well, tonight thousands of citizens are going to sleep without the same level of fire protection they had last night. two truck companies have officially disbanded. we will go live where both of those companies responded to a huge fire just last month. what are people saying? >> yeah, kelly. this was the big fire where the smoke went all take a look, the all boarded up. all three of the truck
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companies on the chopping black responded to this fire and it is the big ones that get a lot of attention. but for people who live in the neighborhoods that are losing those trucks, it is the smaller potentially life threatening that is have them worried. >> they call it hotel -- and now it has a new tenant. for decades the old station housed truck 15 equipped with a ladder that allowed the crew to rescue people trapped on upper floors. the new tenant engine 33 is not a ladder truck. >> that little truck they have now don't -- >> you might not be familiar with the difference. people who live around here are. >> any emergency situation you don't know when you are going to need that ladder. so it will take five or ten minutes -- to come all the way from downtown. it is like a -- >> a special rescue unit in south baltimore was also disbanded today.
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the crew versus been sent to other fire companies. >> we lost two valuable resources. >> truck 15 was the busiest fire company the east baltimore company is full of abandoned homes. >> it might be abandoned but what about the houses next door. >> enginee 33 and an ambulance unit here will provide the same level of service. >> i don't want people to feel that if a truck company is not on the scene and they need to be rescued that it is not going to take place. >> the new crews begun to make itself at home painting other the old truck 15 logo, but there is concern on the surrounding blocks about the next fire to break out here and whether they will all be aable to survivor it. >> we will blame it on the people that have that little truck in there now. they need to keep the big truck up in there. >> those two companies would have been disbanded but they kept them open to deal with all of the power out apblgs.
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the truck has been given three more months, but the city fire department confirmed again tonight it will close in october. thank you, chris. new tonight, the case is going to court. the county executive will be tried for allegations of misconduct. he is accused of using his security detail to cover personal matters including for him during sexual encounters. he will go on trial september 4th. no comment tonight from his office. police in baltimore city are trying to find a man that's wanted for murderment they say he hangs around in the bell air edison area. stern, 23 years old, police suspect him in a murder that happened on west avenue at the end of may. if you know where he is you are asked to call 911. tonight the people charged in the st. patrick's day attack in baltimore pled guilty. the attack on a virginia tourist was caught on tape.
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-- sentenced to three years in prisonnen, he will serve one and two other suspects were sentenced to time served and probation. a fourth suspect baldwin faces three years in jail. new details to night about the death of those three boys on the east shore this weekend. friends and family say they were last seen playing basketball. they were reported missing saturday night. neighbors and police looked all night and the boys were eventually found dead on the banks of creek sunday morning. 12-year-old cotton and 11-year- old christopher gabrielle along with six-year-old -- >> imagine you have your son yesterday playing basketball and today they say he died. >> many of the children can't swim. christopher's teach hopes more
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kids learn how to swim and it will be the positive outcome from this tragedy. you know the extreme heat we dealt with last week was deadly. today state health officials said eight people died between monday and saturday. that means a total of 18 people died from heat-related causes. all but two were milton residents. 24,000 record temperatures were broken during the heat wave. -- tomorrow the -- will be giverren out for free to some very, very special military families. ans 2 news is here with the details. >> reporter: not even sales tax tomorrow. we have seen the deep discounts but for this event, it can leave the credit card at home. all she needs is a military id
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and deployment papers. >> this gown was purchased 1629 for 799. >> before here come it is bride, there goes the money. the wedding gown is often one of the biggest expenses, but rachel moore has been dreaming of this day since age 3, according to her photo album so she's going to get it right. >> the dress is beautiful. i feel beautiful. and i think it is really going to make somebody, somebody look really beautiful on the wedding day. >> you see moore picked up own dress from tlc. the price tag about $1,600. the one she slipped on is free. not for her but for the military women who will stand on this same platform on tuesday. >> these women deserve all the credit that we have -- >> called bride -- the dresses.
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[inaudible] >> she says her family's story helped her understand the meaning of sacrifice. her son-in-law is in active duty field surgeon in afghanistan. >> my daughter has been trying unsuccessfully to have a child, and she is now pregnant, five months pregnant and he was deployed two weeks ago. >> so they will give away about 100 dresses. she says 9th $5,000 in retail -- $95,000 in retail inventory. of the current deployment within the past five years. >> i think it is an a maizing opportunity for the people who do so much for us. >> taking the ruffles out of the planning and keeping them on the ground. it is a privilege. >> now, so far about 40 people have registered but that leaves 50 spaces for brides to be so
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show up. the deal is good for future military spouses or active duty women. the doors will open at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, they will stay open until everyone is fitted. cheryl o'connor abc 2 news. what a great program. if you turn on your faucet tomorrow and nothing comes out this could be why. the city will be cutting off check problems with the water main in southwest baltimore. since all water is connected it could impact people outside of the city too. so if you lose your water and you live in the city you are asked to call 311. if you live in the county call the number on your screen 410- 396-5352. >> new tonight, marylandstate leaders are teaming up with google to help small businesses in the state. now according to the baltimore business journal, the program called maryland get your business online will offer small businesses free web sites for one year. it will run $7 after a year
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unless they cancel. it will launch next week in the -- mason tower. we have also learned a new solar energy project will generate electricity to power about 2700 jobs. the governor made a dedication over the weekend for the 20 megawatt solar panels. they will sit on able 160-acre of state-owned land. she says the $70 million project will help the state get close to a goal of producing 20% of the energy from renewable sources by the year 2022. >> is. >> again this is home. admit it. you all have the facebook friends who are always bragging about something. social media is pushing competitive into a whole new level. as abc 2 news reports tonight we found parents who are unplugging from what they call fakebook. >> do you feel less than martha
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stewart -- scramble pieces? or do you get jealous when it reveals your friend's great vacation or the perfect family. new research might make you feel better. >> people use facebook to compensate for deficiencies and facebook highlights the positive aspects and can cover up the negative parts. >> psychology professors combined the work of 22 decree rent studies. people use it for two common reason, one a sense of belonging, two self presentation. >> it'd gives you an -- it gives you an opportunity to create a life that one wants to live rather than a life that the person actually lives. >> it can seem like everyone is living ideal lives. christy had enough. she took a break from it all. >> virtually unplugged from everything just to let my brain breathe. >> taking a deep breath is rene's specialty. she nicknamed herself a good
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enough mother. she has a web site of the same name. she's tired of the friends on social media and beyond. >> it is a wonderful, wonderful tool. but do you really think anybody is going to put the bad foot forward? of course not. she reminds parents to put from you see into perspective. >> this is not real life. >> i always say it is important to parent for the people who really matter in your life. those are the people under your own roof. >> if you decide to take a break, let friends know you are about to head off the radar. abc 2 news. something to think -bt a. some parents who need to take a break. we will show you what led up to the dad at a children's baseball game. abc 2 news is working on ways to make sure you don't get scammed on concert tickets this summer. >> and on the weather front, the big question will the storms popping up toward virginia beach stay to the south? and remember you can always
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check the radar any time anywhere, use the abc 2 weather or news an and they will get you up to speed 24 hours i aday. we are back with more abc 2 news at 11:00 in just 60 seconds.
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>> in georgia but it wasn't the players fighting. a fight between parents after a parent was playing loud music and the other parent, and suddenly a brawl broke out. they call it embarrassing and discussing. no serious injuries were reported. now -- take a look at this. this happened in jordan. a lawmaker throws his shoe and then pulls a gun during a live tv debate. the host tried to separate the two men as they continued to
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scuffle and luckily no one was hurt here either. after a short holiday break, lawmakers are back at work. everyone is worried about taxes particularly those during the bush administration which are slated to disappear at the end of the year. president obama wants congress to extend those cuts but only for the middle class. he pushed the idea today at the courthouse. >> i cut middle class taxes every year that i have been president by $3,600 for the typical middle class family. >> the challenger mitt romney says all americans deserve the tax break even wealthy people. several top democrats agree with romney which could make this tough going into election time. repair work on the washington monument may stretch into the year 2014 according to the national parks service. it has been closed since it was damaged in last august earthquake it will require massive scaffolding to be built
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around the structure and it could take up to 18 months to complete. they plan to work in the fall. it is estimated to cost about $15 million. summertime is concert time. this is the season when big name performers go on tour. if you are south americaing for tickets you could fall victim to a scam. abc 2 news works for you tonight with some important tips for ticket buyers. the desperation to snag tickets for a favorite band or a big sporting event can lead consumers to companies web sites where they wouldn't otherwise do business or are unfamiliar with the rules. respond to online classified that are often buyer beware. the national consumers league urges ticket shoppers to avoid getting sorry eyed over what looks like a great deal. >> note the url before making a purchase. cam scammers can set up fake sites and buy with a credit card for added fraud
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protection. be prepared for shipping or convenience charges and read the fine print. if it is will call or paperless you may be require today present the purchasing credit card and photo id for admission. that's especially important if the tickets are a gift or purchased on behalf of someone else. also know the vendors guarantee policy. the e stash libbed online -- established it sos will repair or if a customer receives the wrong ticket, fake tickets or if it is canceled. abc 2 new. >> >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurately weather rate. >> let's check the most powerful radar. storms rumbling. in fact when we step out you can see down the virginia beach. pretty nasty little cluster
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consuming the, from are some storms out there tonight, no question about that. but at most those drift into the lower shore. could we see a pop up shower. it is certainly possible i just don't think it is particularly likely. and again looking at very isolated storm possibilities overnight the next two nights with most of the action staying to our south. all right. now you are all caught up on the radar. now temperatures, the good news on the day. 86 at wdi. normal is 88. we were two below average after just two days ago hitting 104 at dwi. 74 this evening and hot, yeah still somewhat hot but you know the clouds in the morning helping to hold temperatures down. still in 70s today, it was a rainy day at the beach so really not the best beach weather. cool in the mountains with sunshine, almost fall-like out here. there's football weather on the campus. winds from the northeast today have less this evening.
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we have almost -l no wind. but the numbers are still very, very nice compared to what they have been. low 70s now, most of us should get down at least into the upper 60s overnight. how did highs shape up today, we hit 90 in frederick, low to mid- 80s. what an improvement that is, some 20 degrees cooler than our peak high temperatures at the crest of the heat wave on saturday afternoon. all right. here are those showers to the south. and drifting a little ways north. the situation is this, stationary frontal boundary with the storms focusing on either side of it right along that boundary. as it shifts north and south we will see those storms drift aa little closerto central maryland and then drift further south. it is tough to predict the exact shifting around of the stationary front. it is not really a true cold front sweeping across the nation. so, at this point in time we think it will stay just south of us around virginia, north carolina border over the next day or two. but boy the effects felt today, the heat down in carolinas near
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a hundred and we have the influence and it felt nice as a result relative to what it has been feeling like. i am not saying it was cool much much better. even as late as wednesday, still mainly the storm action a peers to be to our south. could we still get an isolated shower overnight? yes, but it is minimal and into the day tomorrow, 86. that's pretty comfortable stuff. still a storm or two possible especially in southern maryland. that's included tomorrow evening. we will keep the chance of abisolated storm. as we check the forecast, again, lots of 80s in the outlook here. the possibility of getting back to 90 on sunday or monday and it does appear the week after this one will feature a speak in the temperatures again. but this time around if we get to 100 it would be just three or four days not 10 or 12 days. a big difference when it is for a few days. that's the week after this one. >> it is far enough away we
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hope it change. >> enjoy the break we are getting right now. >> everyone is looking for a free ride; right? right? >> sure. >> abc 2's working for you tonight with free gas. we are giving away $600 in gases cards. each week all summer long. all you have to do is head to abc 2, and look for the abc 2 summer gas give away. that's where you will be able to enter to win the gas cards. winner also be announced every friday. sounds tempting, doesn't it. >> much more of abc 2 news at 11:00 coming your way but first a look at what you are going to see after the news at 11:00. >> thank you. coming up on night line, spirit airlines passengers stranded for 14 hours, the surprising reason flying cheap could be out ray joyce delays and we follow dr. oz as he fights to save a patient with a life-long illness right after you. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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a set back today for lance armstrong as he tries to defend his reputation against doping. he filed to prevent the u.s. doping agency from moving guard with charge that is he used performance enhancing drugs. attorneys for the 7-time tour de france cyclist will have a chance to refile. and tonight it is being reported that the stepsson of usher is brain dead. tmz is claiming he was in a boating accident friday in georgia. he and a friend a apparently were floating on intertunes when they were struck by a man on a jet ski.
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ushers ex-wife at that knee ca foster. >> katie holmes and tom cruise won't be going through a long lengthy divorce. and june 28th the appeal agreement -- took a matters of the couple's daughter, and they will both have -- no more tom kat. >> we will come up with another one now. >> i can't wait to see what's next. >> a check of the radar and there's some storms down there, kelly south is of us, south of richmond. it will drift to the south and east, maybe ocean city will get clipped. 86 tomorrow. that's not bad considering temperatures we have been facing for quite a while. look at the outlook here, it is worth looking at again to see that there are just 80s throw midweek. saver that. >> no triple digit. >> we will be right back after a break. [ barks ]
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>> 80s. that means i have to come up with another excuse why i don't want to run. >> you cannot blame the heat now, kelly. >> all right. have a good night. follow the wings.
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